North Regional Manager

Cell: 724-610-6050
Office: 724-216-6523

Coming Soon

Traynor joined The Thomas group as an intern in 2021, and he started full time in the summer of 2022. Traynor represents the new generation of The Thomas Group.

Traynor attended and played baseball at Chatham University in Pennsylvania from 2018 to 2021, and attended Triangle Tech from 2021-2022 where he earned his degree. With this degree, Traynor has specialized knowledge in Heat Transfer Science, which has allowed him to quickly adapt to the business.

When not at work, Traynor spends his time on the golf courseā€¦both original and frisbee. He likes to play video games with his friends from all over the country and from all walks of life. Traynor is passionate about all things Pittsburgh including professional sports, history, and geography. His main bucket list item is to travel to Europe and experience a World Cup, Formula One race, or Winter Olympics.